Our values
and areas of expertise


Over the last ten years, we have developed a unique experience in the creation of a database dedicated to rare neuromuscular diseases. We offer a complete and personalized accompaniment, from the conceptualization to the publication, with a guarantee of the quality and respect of the commitments. Our team works in a spirit with great availability.

We seek excellence at each stage of the projects and provide the most adapted methodologies to the encountered problems.



The purpose of our work and our projects is the patient. We give a great importance to satisfy the needs of health care parcticioners, researchers and patients.

We share the diversity of our team’s knowledge with interns, students and all our collaborators to help them to achieve their objectives.



The DM-Scope platform  is a result of many innovative approaches :

Ideas and concepts enshrined in a rapidly changing management, the latest information and communication technologies for the development of custom features, and original statistical methods.

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