A multi-disciplinary
team of EXPERTS

Guillaume BASSEZ



Guillaume is a physician-teacher-researcher, MCU-PH. A neurologist in training, he has specialized in genetic neuromuscular diseases and especially in Myotonic dystrophies since 2008. 
Over the last ten years, he has been able to distinguish himself by his transrational approach, creating a bridge between medical care and research.

In DM-Scope

Guillaume coordinates the project as a whole: strategic choices;  Resource Management Guarantee of the operational realization of the projects; Guarantee of compliance with the regulatory and legislative requirements of the project documents; National and international referent.


A graduate of a PhD in biology, Dalil specialized in bioinformatics after one of the “Industrial network engineering and multimedia Services” and a post Docorat in the IURC of the CHU of Montpellier. He joined and exercised for 10 years at the CNRS of Montpellier as a hospital engineer in bioinformatics. His expertise in the development of databases dedicated to the clinical follow-up of various pathologies has enabled him to direct since 2014 the platform “database, registries and cohorts” of the Directorate of Research and Innovation. The team has already created more than 15 databases, 3 of which have been labeled registers.

In DM-Scope

In close collaboration with the team, Dalil is responsible for the computer development and maintenance of the DM-Scope platform. It evolves the database according to the needs of the users and the project holders.






After a statistical DUTSTI and decision-making computer, Marie joined the National School of Statistics and Information analysis ENSAI, during which time she had the opportunity to work on the delegation to clinical research and Innovation. She
completed her training with a Master 2MPCE in double degree “modeling in Clinical Pharmacology and epidemiology” before joining us after completing her internship with the team.

In DM-Scope

A biostatistic engineer, Marie is responsible for quality. It contributes to the development of quality control tools integrated in DM-Scope, participates in monitoring, takes Chargel e data management and carries out all analyses-feasibility studies (internal and external on request).

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