A very PRODUCTIVE platform

The world's largest observatory

DM-Scope has been able to recruit more than 3000 patients with dystophies myotonic on the whole of France. Making it the largest observatory in the world.

The registry has already made a significant contribution to improving medical care and to answering major questions for international research in Myotonic dystrophies.


It shown that the DM1 manifestations can be different depending on gender.

For example men, less diligent for their medical follow-up, especially in cardiologists and respirologists, would have more serious cardiac and respiratory complications than women.

Women would more often exhibit endocrine disorders (diabetes, thyroid problems), digestive disorders and cataracts. Differences that need to be taken into account for your follow-up.

DM-Scope has also revealed different patterns of disease evolution depending on the age of onset of the disease.

Important information to be taken into account by doctors to adapt the management to the form of the disease but also to take into account in the research to compare patients with the same form.


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